Control a fridge-opening robot via an iOS app

While at the supermarket today, I couldn’t remember whether we needed to buy meat or not. Suddenly the thought hit me – what if I had a robot that could open the fridge door for me so I could look, and I could control it remotely via an iOS app? You can hook up webcams and view them remotely and I suppose you could put a webcam in the fridge. There is only one downside to this approach: a robot with camera is much cooler than a webcam. All of which is a long-winded introduction to this: a navigable robot controlled via an iPad. Sweet.

If you did actually want to build a fridge-opening robot with an iOS interface, one way to go about it is by using an Arduino motherboard. There is a tutorial at SparkFun showing just how to do that. It involves buying an iOS app rather than writing your own, but still.

Here is a video demonstrating a fridge-opening robot with an Arduino motherboard:


About Markk

Markk is an iOS developer.
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