Five word coffee shop reviews

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Go there for all your five word coffee shop review needs.

The comments below didn’t make it across for some reason, so I’ll leave them here for your viewing pleasure.


29 Responses to Five word coffee shop reviews

  1. Markk says:

    Wondering where the other comments went? This page died and I had to recreate it from scratch. I could restore the reviews, but the comments? Gone!

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  3. Timsta says:

    G’Day Markk and all!

    Just wanted to say that this whole coffee review idea is a good one….so c’mon all and keep sending all those reviews!


    P.s. Minx rules.

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  10. Paulo says:

    For you Baysiders try Sazio in Black Rock , specially on Sundays when it buzzes , too quiet during the week. Coffee good .

  11. Markk says:

    Thanks for that, Paulo. Will do.

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  15. J Dogg says:

    U love ur coffee

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  17. ricko says:

    Nice idea but way too many mocha’s mentioned to be credible in my opinion.

  18. Markk says:

    The mochas are mostly in the Chocolate Cafes section. Mochas are not the best review coffee, but I almost always order a strong latte in any case.

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  20. Ridiculous says:

    Very disappointed and upset.
    Im a fan of Quikfix and Allpress Coffee.
    The fact that Quikfix uses over 130 kilograms of coffee a week proves that a) either people really do like the coffee….which most likely is the reason why Quikfix receive compliments every time i visit or b) that it is a nice coffee that even the most ignorant of customers would be unable to tell if it was using Arabica or Ethopian pea bean…it really doesnt matter, and The Ritazza bar has a view of concrete with one or two local small carrier planes….Quikfix without the seating area has a view of the entire domestic tarmac with added views that can span almost all the way to the international terminal…Quikfix also employ a vast range of employees, some still in the process of learning and being trained by Allpress….perhaps your coffee was made in a swift manner, by if you believe that the coffee is weak in taste you are wrong or perhaps you just tried a quarter strength soy mocha with 4 sugars to assist you in your critique…or perhaps the workers at Quikfix rejected your request at putting the sugars in for you…..whatever your reasons, perhaps taste again when your tastebuds have fully returned from the burning sensation received from the burnt griphandles of Ritazza Lounge.

  21. Markk says:

    It is possible that the staff at Quikfix were simply having a bad day when they served the coffee described. It was weak, however. My standard order for reviewing is a strong latte, and I do not add sugar.

    However your comment does intrigue me so I’ll give them another chance next time I am at Sydney Airport, which unfortunately is not likely to be soon.

  22. Markk says:

    “Ridiculous” does seem to have some insider knowledge, either from being an employee, or a really, really loyal customer.

    I’ll add here that I did like Ritazza, and that will not change if I change my mind about Quikfix.

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  24. al says:

    the reason that you were served bad coffee at Quikfix is because their espresso machine was on the fritz, go back anytime from now on – they have got their old machine back – and you will have the most amazing coffee in all of sydney…having just visited the airport on sunday, i would suggest a double shot piccalo and the banana bread with cream cheese and honey, best breakfast you will ever have! viva the revolution! happy 1st birthday Quikfix!!

  25. Markk says:

    Quikfix fans note that I have since revisited Quikfix and revised my opinion of it. See Quikfix Revisited for details.

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