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Markk is an iOS developer.

Road Test: PureLayout

Imagine there’s no translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints. It’s easy if you try. No constraintWithItem:attribute:relatedBy:toItem:attribute:multiplier:constant: below us, above us only sky. Imagine your app not crashing because you left a “]” out of constraintsWithVisualFormat, woohoo. *Cough* Sorry about that, folks. Let’s move on. I’ve … Continue reading

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How to animate UISearchBar like in Contacts

Ever seen the animation that occurs when you tap in the search bar in Contacts? The navigation bar slides upwards, the search bar goes up and replaces it, and the Cancel button comes in from the left. Here’s a before and … Continue reading

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Control a fridge-opening robot via an iOS app

While at the supermarket today, I couldn’t remember whether we needed to buy meat or not. Suddenly the thought hit me – what if I had a robot that could open the fridge door for me so I could look, … Continue reading

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AutoLayout: Interface Builder vs code

I haven’t blogged here for 10 years but now I return … to blog mainly about iOS programming! Or so the plan is. I’ve been an iOS developer on and off for about 5 years now and when AutoLayout first … Continue reading

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*** STOP PRESS *** My Opinions Are Important moves to its own domain!

That’s right people – this blog is moving to its own domain and its own space. Check it out! The new address is The feed address is now Please update your links/bookmarks/feed readers accordingly. All the posts and … Continue reading

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Great gifts for geeks

TheMolk found some excellent off-the-wall gift ideas at ThinkGeek, including a tiny remote-controlled helicopter and a tiny, yet fully functional Japanese battle tank. A great gift idea, and oh-so-handy next time World War III erupts in your home or workplace.

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Wedding gifts for the strange: spider bowl

From Laura Zindel Ceramics, as featured on bioephemera: You are probably asking yourself why. Zindel’s explanation: I hope that I can make art that a family member can buy to be handed down the line. Something bought on a whim, … Continue reading

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