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Scottish Marxists

(The following is an extract from “Koba The Dread” by Martin Amis, which discusses, among other things, the bizarre tendency of Western intellectuals to become apologists for Communist dictatorships:) “Hugh MacDiarmid: what a bastard” said my father in about 1972, referring to … Continue reading

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Western Australia doesn’t exist

(I myself had long believed the myth of Western Australia, until my eyes were opened by the following passage, originally posted on Slashdot.) Once again we are plagued with stories originating from this so called “Western Australia”. As an Australian … Continue reading

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The Atheist Delusion

** This blog has moved to ** Richard Dawkins wrote a book called The God Delusion recently. As you could guess from the title, he is an atheist. He also wrote an article online called “Why there almost certainly … Continue reading

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