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Top 5 Science Experiments On Cats

** This blog has moved to ** Tell me you’re not at least a little disturbed by the following: #1: Cat-O-Vision A team of scientists hacked into a cat’s brain and created a video of what the cat was … Continue reading

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Parrot with human brain found

This cannot be real – a parrot that communicates in English. According to the BBC, N’kisi the parrot has a vocabulary of 950 words, uses grammar correctly and has a sense of humour. From the article: When he first met … Continue reading

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Exercise? Don’t bother. Matrixercise is all you need.

This sounds too good to be true, but you don’t actually need to do exercise in order to get the benefits of exercise. All you need to do is convince yourself that what you do for a living is exercise! Given … Continue reading

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Is this about to be going to have happened?

From the “Future Echoes” episode of Red Dwarf:  RIMMER: Lister, it *has* happened. You can’t change it, any more than   you can change what you had for breakfast yesterday. LISTER: Hey, it hasn’t happened, has it? It has “will … Continue reading

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Australians all let us rejoice: Enormous feral cats coming to a town near you

** This blog has moved to ** Yesterday I blogged about evil blog promotion ideas, and I mentioned breeding enormous cats. Well, dear reader, there is no reason to breed them; they’re breeding themselves and there is no way … Continue reading

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The Atheist Delusion

** This blog has moved to ** Richard Dawkins wrote a book called The God Delusion recently. As you could guess from the title, he is an atheist. He also wrote an article online called “Why there almost certainly … Continue reading

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