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Great gifts for geeks

TheMolk found some excellent off-the-wall gift ideas at ThinkGeek, including a tiny remote-controlled helicopter and a tiny, yet fully functional Japanese battle tank. A great gift idea, and oh-so-handy next time World War III erupts in your home or workplace. … Continue reading

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Got a spare $78 million?

Deep Sea News needs your help to purchase a submarine. Why? To help them blog about the deep sea, of course. (Duh.) But Deep Sea News won’t settle for just any old submarine. No, sir. They have their eye on … Continue reading

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Chernobyl is now like the Garden of Eden

It’s a wildlife haven, apparently, despite the mutations. (Insert jokes about three-winged birds etc here.) The Reference Frame has more info. You can view some very eerie photo galleries at the BBC of abandoned cities and villages as they appear today. But … Continue reading

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Exercise? Don’t bother. Matrixercise is all you need.

This sounds too good to be true, but you don’t actually need to do exercise in order to get the benefits of exercise. All you need to do is convince yourself that what you do for a living is exercise! Given … Continue reading

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Stalin the humble

(Another extract here from Koba The Dread, a polemic about Stalin by Martin Amis. Marvel at the cynicism on display: ) In 1948, Stalin made the following addition to his official biography, the Short Course: “At the various stages of … Continue reading

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Cats On A Plane

Do cats belong on planes? What do you do if you hear a “Mroaw” coming from someone’s on-board luggage? That has been the question on everyone’s minds lately, including that of Eric D. Snider, who relates his encounter with a … Continue reading

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