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What I learned from Teen Girl Squad

** This blog has moved to ** (The following is my contribution to the writing project at Middle Zone Musings, which is a blog you should read always. The project is simple: write a blog post with the topic … Continue reading

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Parrot with human brain found

This cannot be real – a parrot that communicates in English. According to the BBC, N’kisi the parrot has a vocabulary of 950 words, uses grammar correctly and has a sense of humour. From the article: When he first met … Continue reading

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My brother’s underpants

What would you think if you got a party invitation like this: Classy, isn’t it? It’s just one of 110 party invitations my brothers did for the occasion of their 21st. Each one features a different item of clothing. Must … Continue reading

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Chernobyl is now like the Garden of Eden

It’s a wildlife haven, apparently, despite the mutations. (Insert jokes about three-winged birds etc here.) The Reference Frame has more info. You can view some very eerie photo galleries at the BBC of abandoned cities and villages as they appear today. But … Continue reading

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Which former dictator would make the best roommate?

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Hussein? Those are the options in a rather hilarious poll at the Melbourne Victory Forum at the moment. From the comments: Hitler would organise an invasion of the neighbours and have them exterminated or incarcerated in … Continue reading

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If you don’t believe in a young earth, you will be eaten by a ravenous giant squid

According to Answers In Genesis: Pretty scary stuff.

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Is this about to be going to have happened?

From the “Future Echoes” episode of Red Dwarf:  RIMMER: Lister, it *has* happened. You can’t change it, any more than   you can change what you had for breakfast yesterday. LISTER: Hey, it hasn’t happened, has it? It has “will … Continue reading

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