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1984 arrives in Britain in 2007

According to Spiked Online, those CCTVs that have become so ubiqitous in the UK have now been rigged up with loudspeakers, allowing remote faceless government agents to tell you not to loiter, or litter, or whetever. But who will be … Continue reading

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Which former dictator would make the best roommate?

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Hussein? Those are the options in a rather hilarious poll at the Melbourne Victory Forum at the moment. From the comments: Hitler would organise an invasion of the neighbours and have them exterminated or incarcerated in … Continue reading

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Jokes from Soviet Russia

I’ve long held interest in humour originating from the long-suffering residents of Communist countries. The examples following are from Laughing Under The Covers, but I’ve seen variants of them in other places. First of all, a joke about shortages in … Continue reading

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Romance and Stalin

Not so long ago, I had a succession of dates with a girl, and on one of these dates, the topic of Stalin came up, as generally happens on these occasions. I was flabbergasted to find out that she had … Continue reading

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Stalin the humble

(Another extract here from Koba The Dread, a polemic about Stalin by Martin Amis. Marvel at the cynicism on display: ) In 1948, Stalin made the following addition to his official biography, the Short Course: “At the various stages of … Continue reading

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Scottish Marxists

(The following is an extract from “Koba The Dread” by Martin Amis, which discusses, among other things, the bizarre tendency of Western intellectuals to become apologists for Communist dictatorships:) “Hugh MacDiarmid: what a bastard” said my father in about 1972, referring to … Continue reading

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