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Markk runs iPhone application company Lyra Languages. He lives in the beachside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with his beautiful wife and (future) children.

Which former dictator would make the best roommate?

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Hussein? Those are the options in a rather hilarious poll at the Melbourne Victory Forum at the moment. From the comments: Hitler would organise an invasion of the neighbours and have them exterminated or incarcerated in … Continue reading

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Exercise? Don’t bother. Matrixercise is all you need.

This sounds too good to be true, but you don’t actually need to do exercise in order to get the benefits of exercise. All you need to do is convince yourself that what you do for a living is exercise! Given … Continue reading

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Absorb caffeine through your skin with caffeinated soap!

Unbelievably Ridiculous Products Department presents Caffeinated Soap. Yes, that’s right, caffeinated soap. The caffeine is absorbed through your skin as you shower, delivering the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee per use. Also available as caffeinated body wash. So for … Continue reading

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If you don’t believe in a young earth, you will be eaten by a ravenous giant squid

According to Answers In Genesis: Pretty scary stuff.

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Is this about to be going to have happened?

From the “Future Echoes” episode of Red Dwarf:  RIMMER: Lister, it *has* happened. You can’t change it, any more than   you can change what you had for breakfast yesterday. LISTER: Hey, it hasn’t happened, has it? It has “will … Continue reading

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Family food fight (with pictures!)

So there we were at a family picnic last Saturday, at the most obscure picnic area in the Dandenongs that we could find, eating ham, tomato and cheese rolls. I managed to get flour on myself, so brother Peter suggested … Continue reading

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Jokes from Soviet Russia

I’ve long held interest in humour originating from the long-suffering residents of Communist countries. The examples following are from Laughing Under The Covers, but I’ve seen variants of them in other places. First of all, a joke about shortages in … Continue reading

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