Wedding gifts for the strange: spider bowl

From Laura Zindel Ceramics, as featured on bioephemera:


You are probably asking yourself why. Zindel’s explanation:

I hope that I can make art that a family member can buy to be handed down the line. Something bought on a whim, that becomes the platter for the turkey, or sits on the mantel. “Crazy old Uncle Larry bought that peculiar spider platter, and we just can’t seem to part with it”, I would like to be apart of that.

There’s also beetles, snakes and cicadas, oh my.


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7 Responses to Wedding gifts for the strange: spider bowl

  1. Pete Son of Ted says:

    Zindel’s not thinking straight – most women (and even some men) will unwrap the present, scream in horror, drop it and smash it.

    Next time try a wallabee or butterfly…

  2. Markk says:

    A wallabee? Is that the hybrid of a wallaby and a bee? Because that does sound scary.

  3. themolk says:

    Are they like the dogs with bees in their mouths, and when they bark they shoot bees at you…?

  4. Markk says:

    Is that a quote from somewhere? Bit lost with that one. I was thinking along the lines of a giant jumping bee with a pouch. As we all were, I’m sure.

  5. taxi gatwick says:

    Well, its definitely something that we cant use for wedding gifts…………

  6. nice bowl, can be used as vase………

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