Got a spare $78 million?

Deep Sea News needs your help to purchase a submarine. Why? To help them blog about the deep sea, of course. (Duh.)


But Deep Sea News won’t settle for just any old submarine. No, sir. They have their eye on the Pheonix 1000, the latest in personal luxury submarines.

The Pheonix weighs 1500 tonnes and is 65 metres long. It can travel at up to 18 knots and can dive as deep as 305 metres. It features a flying bridge, main and upper decks. The oxygen supplies allow for up to 40 days underwater.

But this is not a military sub; this is a luxury sub. Kind of like your own undersea luxury cruise ship. It is lavishly appointed and contains large viewports so you can look out into the sea.

If 305 metres isn’t deep enough for you, the Pheonix 1000 has a docking area for a minisub that can dive right down to 610 metres. (That’s, like, deep, man.) (Sorry.) The minisub is more of a family sedan sized sub; it can hold up to 8 people.

From their website:

Clearly, the Phoenix provides its owner with substantially more capability than a simple yacht – the opportunity to explore the depths of the world’s oceans in perfect comfort and safety. The Phoenix is capable of making trans-Atlantic crossings at 16 knots yet can dive along the route and explore the continental margins of some of the most fascinating waters on earth. And unlike surface yachts, when the water gets rough, the submarine can submerge into a perfectly smooth and quiet environment, continuing on toward its destination, providing a ride unsurpassed in quality-unequaled by the finest motor coach or the most luxurious executive aircraft.

The site is silent about some needed features, such as cup holders or a CD player, but I’m sure you can see the appeal, and why you should help Deap Sea News with this much-needed purchase. They need $78 million to complete the purchase.

While we’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a luxury submarine for local trips to the shops and such. With the Pheonix 1000, I could work in Melbourne and commute from Tasmania or Flinders Island. My birthday is in July, so if anyone out there has a spare $78 million, keep that in mind.


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5 Responses to Got a spare $78 million?

  1. themolk says:

    “Clearly, the Phoenix provides its owner with substantially more capability than a simple yacht “…

    Clearly. I tell you what, Markk, I’ll go you halves in it if it doesn’t arrive wrapped in birthday paper for you in June. Mind you, don’t think I’ll find $39M easily, but I’ve just made your dream of luxury submarine ownership 50% more achieveable! ;)

    BTW – what’s a guy gotta do to get listed in your “friends” or “blogroll” list!?

  2. Hey, if it doesn’t have cup holders – forget it! I thought they said “luxury”?!

  3. Markk says:

    Don’t worry themolk, I’m planning on expanding the blogroll and you’re on the shortlist.

    Of course, I could be persuaded to speed up the process *nudge* *nudge*

  4. Markk says:

    Robert, you got a spare $39 million?

  5. A lot of of guys write about this matter but you wrote down some true words!!

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