Daylight Saving exacerbates global warming

It took 200 posts here at My Opinions Are Important, but finally, the truth comes out:hot_news.jpg

If anything, Connie M. Meskimen understates the case. The sun may well burn out entirely due to our constant overuse of it.


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3 Responses to Daylight Saving exacerbates global warming

  1. themolk says:

    oh… my… god…

    I thought only Queenslanders had the stupidest understandings of daylight savings (and reasons against it).

    Give the woman some non-fading curtains and some sunglasses…

  2. Markk says:

    I hope Connie was joking, but who knows?

    After all, China, despite being a huge country, only has one time zone, and is worsening global warming more than almost any other country.

    Coincidence? Or evidence of a global conspiracy?

  3. We should do something to decrease global worming.

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