My brother’s underpants

What would you think if you got a party invitation like this:

Classy, isn’t it? It’s just one of 110 party invitations my brothers did for the occasion of their 21st. Each one features a different item of clothing. Must have taken them ages to produce.

Here’s a couple of others (click to view):


I got the one with the shoe.


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9 Responses to My brother’s underpants

  1. themolk says:

    Ahhh… brothers with computers with too much time on their hands…

  2. Markk says:

    Glorious, isn’t it? The scanner must have had steam coming out of it by the end.

  3. themolk says:

    …and a rather nasty smell after scanning the jocks! ;)

  4. Markk says:

    c o p y l i i k y d
    o n e o o t n o o
    m t u v o u
    e e e w

  5. SaRz says:

    What a post to open whilst at work!

    Quote Ben –
    “I’m not having an undies invite. Peter is, but I’m not. That’s just *shudder* disgusting.”

    Well well…

  6. Markk says:

    If anything, Peter’s was worse. The undies on his one were obviously very well used …

  7. Peter says:

    Damn straight!

    And it wasn’t a scanner, but a digital camera.

    I don’t think my underpants invite actually made it out. We ended up having too may invites in the end.

  8. Markk says:

    You mean, you created an undies invite and then didn’t even bother to use it? For shame, Peter, for shame.

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