Is this about to be going to have happened?

From the “Future Echoes” episode of Red Dwarf: 

RIMMER: Lister, it *has* happened. You can’t change it, any more than
  you can change what you had for breakfast yesterday.
LISTER: Hey, it hasn’t happened, has it? It has “will have going to have
  happened” happened, but it hasn’t actually “happened” happened yet,
RIMMER: Poppycock! It will be happened; it shall be going to be
  happening; it will be was an event that could will have been taken
  place in the future. Simple as that. Your bucket’s been kicked, baby.

Now then: Science hopes to change events that have already occurred.


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11 Responses to Is this about to be going to have happened?

  1. SaRz says:

    **%^!$#head explodes*^%#&^*

    done a new post btw

  2. Markk says:

    Awesome. Read it I shall.

  3. SaRz says:

    And another 2…
    Eat your heart out!

    Hey how are you commenting btw. I thought you couldnt at work…or are you not at work…?

  4. Markk says:

    That’s right; I have the day off. Bwahahahahaha!

  5. SaRz says:

    So…where are you?

  6. Markk says:

    At my brother’s house. I’m meant to be doing uni work, and I’ll get around to it, any time now.

  7. themolk says:

    Don’t let us stop you… ;)

  8. SaRz says:



    (*unfortunately not a review…)

  9. Markk says:

    It’s alright, I’m working now :)

    SaRz, thanks for the info. I think I need to post something on the front page about this…

  10. A post with a Red Dwarf reference. My week is now complete!

    “I just saw somethin no one else should ever have to see… they just executed Winnie The Pooh” – Lister.

  11. Markk says:

    So many great quotes from that show.

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