Family food fight (with pictures!)

So there we were at a family picnic last Saturday, at the most obscure picnic area in the Dandenongs that we could find, eating ham, tomato and cheese rolls. I managed to get flour on myself, so brother Peter suggested that he take a photo with his snazzy new digital camera. I was resistant to this idea, but as Peter got ready, Matthew, another brother, decided at this moment to wipe his roll on my face, leaving more flour there.

Do you think I was going to let such a invasion of my person go unanswered? Indeed, I did not, could not. Retaliation was in order. I fought back. Using my half-eaten roll as a weapon, I struck out at his face and hair, wiping cheese, tomato, margarine and flour anywhere I could get it. He did likewise.

I like to think I came off the better from this encounter. Mat had tomato, cheese and margarine in his hair afterwards. I was merely coated with flour.

Did I mention Peter had a snazzy new digital camera? All the better to record your food fights with, my dear. As follows:




My only regret is that sister Sarah didn’t join in.


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Markk is an iOS developer.
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7 Responses to Family food fight (with pictures!)

  1. jason says:

    Nice pics to illustrate the gentleman’s gesture of respect and brotherhood?

  2. SaRz says:

    lol! ahh u boys – such activity does not surprise me in the slightest.
    looks like fun tho

  3. Markk says:

    Yeah it was fun. The only food fight our family has ever had. Why did we wait til now?

  4. themolk says:

    So, for newbies like me, who is who?

  5. Markk says:

    I’m the good looking gentleman in the dark blue shirt.

  6. Pete Aldin says:

    And the winner is … ?

  7. Markk says:

    After careful and thoroughly objective deliberation, the My Opinions Are Important panel of judges declare that I am the winner.

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