My homage to Salad Fingers

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Have you seen Salad Fingers? I have – q275px-salad_fingers_and_horace_horsecollar.pnguite some time ago – but I ain’t blogged about it before have I? (No.) Salad Fingers is a series of flash animations by David Firth. The main character, named “Salad Fingers” (duh) has green skin and weird, long, green fingers.

You are probably thinking: this sounds rather odd. And you’d be right. Odd, creepy, somewhat disturbing, but somehow compelling in a way I cannot explain. There are, last time I checked, seven episodes of long green fingery goodness.

Episode 1:

Salad Fingers likes rusty spoons. Yay. We don’t see the spoons again until Episode 5.

Episode 2:

Salad Fingers hosts a get together with some friends. What? That freak has friends? Well, erm, no.

Quote: “I like it when the red water comes out.”

Episode 3:

Salad Fingers discovers the pleasure of nettles. (Don’t ask.)

Episode 4:

Someone falls in love with Salad Fingers, but Mr. Fingers prefers rusty taps. As you do.

Episode 5:

Salad Fingers has a girl over for a picnic. He also tries on his new wedding dress. Happy days.

Episode 6:

Salad Fingers eats his own head. Ewwww.

Episode 7:

Salad Fingers’ brother comes home on shore leave from the ghastly trenches of the Great War. But, you say, didn’t that war end ninety years ago? Yes.


Once you have watched those, you may poke around elsewhere at the Fat Pie site and watch the other animations. I strongly suggest you don’t; they are quite wrong.

Oh, alright. Fine. Watch them then. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I saw an old friend recently, who I hadn’t seen in years, and it turns out she reads my blog. Yay! I feel so validated.


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7 Responses to My homage to Salad Fingers

  1. SaRz says:


    And how do you associate yourself with Salad Fingers eh?

  2. Markk says:

    I don’t. So ner.

  3. SaRz says:

    Liiiiaaarrrrr =p

  4. SaRz says:

    my family’s thoroughly entertained by Salad Fingers (as have I). Though I think he freaks my mum out… Episode 2 & 5 are the greatest =D

    I hereby dub thee…Hubert Cumberdale!

  5. Markk says:

    There’s something about Salad Fingers. Once I watched the first one I watched all the others, then I got my family to watch it, then all my friends, who watched all the episodes, then got their friends into it …

    “You taste like sunshine dust.”

    So many classic lines.

  6. Somefatburglar says:

    Can someone get ahold of David and tell him to make a Salad-Fingers movie!!!?? That would make me happier than a sticky river….

    thx if so…

  7. salad fingers was a sheer genious… i will miss him dearly if his creator doesnt make him his own movie, or more episodes. Everybody wants more Salad Fingers….well, not everyone…

    l8r peepsickles

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