My dad’s underpants

I had taken my roommate’s wet washing out of the washing machine and put it in the laundry basket. Shortly afterwards:

“You know those underpants of yours that you left in the laundry basket? They stunk out my washing!”

“Those aren’t my underpants. They must be yours.”

“They aren’t mine.”

“My parents were down recently. Maybe they’re my dad’s.”

“No, these have been there for weeks. Sure they’re not yours?”

“Definitely not.”

“I put my washing out on the line and it all stunk!”

“You probably just left the washing for too long before you put it out to dry.”

“No, it wasn’t that type of smell.”

I got myself a paper towel, picked up the underpants and took a cautious sniff.

“They have JAC written on them. Sure they’re not yours?”

“I’m sure!”

“They don’t even smell.”

“Get them wet, then they’ll smell!”

“My parents were down here a few months ago as well. They probably left them here then.”

“That’d be right.”

Thus the mystery was solved. The offending underpants belonged to my dad. They will be isolated and burned.


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Markk is an iOS developer.
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17 Responses to My dad’s underpants

  1. Pete Aldin says:

    Why are you telling us this? Now I just feel really really ill.

  2. Aswen Radvan says:


  3. Markk says:

    So far as I could tell, they were completely clean.

  4. Pete Aldin says:

    So far as you could tell? How closely did you inspect them? …

    You know what? I don’t want to know. This is very disturbing.

  5. Gautam says:

    Dude…..your strange…..!!

  6. Thats just like taking a dump and then smelling your fingers afer wiping. eeeeeeeewwwwwwww. But i guess they have special clubs for that kinda stuff

  7. Markk says:

    I’m waiting for my dad to comment here …

  8. Markk says:

    They *were* completely clean. I inspected thoroughly. Not sure what my roommate was on about.

    If I get the Ebola virus you guys will be the first to know.

  9. SaRz says:

    oh my…
    that is rather disturbing

    particularly when its about someone that was once your teacher…

  10. is that they were completely clean until u wore them?????

  11. Did you put them on your head??

  12. Did your cat like the smell of them?

  13. were they the banana hammock type undies?

  14. Markk says:

    They were big, grey briefs with JAC written on them.

  15. Markk says:

    REALLY big, grey briefs.

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