And the best coffee shop in Melbourne is … St Ali’s in South Melbourne!

Recently I had my sister and parents down for a visit. Since they don’t live in Melbourne, I had the pleasure of guiding them to the best cafes in town.

Wednesday: Took Sarah to Gattica in Balaclava for coffee. Sarah thought she could get from Kalkallo to Balaclava in 40 minutes (this was at 4pm in the afternoon). I said “Nuh-uh.” She was wrong. I was right. Yet more evidence of my natural superiority. Go me! Sarah was quite impressed with Gattica. We had dinner at Blah Blah in Mordialloc.

Thursday: Sarah and I had breakfast at Bluefoot in Cheltenham, which is always a treat. Later, we took my brother Matthew to Williamstown and had ice cream. Then we picked up the parents from Avalon Airport and took them to Las Chicas in Balaclava where we had a late lunch. Las Chicas was enjoyed by all. The lamb salad was particularly good, as was the coffee. This is my favourite café in Balaclava, and there are many good cafes in Balaclava.

Friday: After a satay roll, a chocolate donut and Hungry Jack’s, I met the family at The Maling Room in Canterbury, Crema Magazine’s favourite coffee shop. They were all suitably impressed with the Maling Room, as well they ought to have been. Sarah and I shared some tiramisu. It was then time to proceed to Chadstone, where I had a iced coconut mocha (or something) at Gloria Jeans. Dinner was fish and chips.

Saturday: After breakfast, we made our way to St. Ali’s in South Melbourne. There we partook of some excellent coffee and French toast, which was delicious. From there, we headed to South Melbourne Market, followed by lunch at the Blue Train Café in Southbank. Brother Ben took us to ACDC Lane to look at stencil art. After that, we enjoyed coffee, tarts and lemon and chocolate fudge at the Journal café in Flinders Lane.

After so much eating and drinking, and so many coffee shops, which one was my family most impressed with? St. Ali’s in South Melbourne. The flavour there is distinctive. They use their own blend of coffee, rather than a brand, giving them a point of difference from other cafés.

Therefore St. Ali’s is this blog’s pick as Melbourne’s best coffee experience.

BIRTHDAY UPDATE: My twin brothers Peter and Ben celebrate their 21st today. Happy Birthday, smegheads. That was also the reason for all the frivolity mentioned above. My brothers should turn 21 more often.

RUBBING YOUR NOSE IN IT UPDATE: After dropping the parents off for their return flight, I immediately went to Chapelli’s for more coffee and potato wedges. All up, that totals 11 food and drink establishments in four days, all while you were slaving away at the office.

BREAKING NEWS: All music is good music.


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8 Responses to And the best coffee shop in Melbourne is … St Ali’s in South Melbourne!

  1. matjnewton says:

    Hey Mark

    Can you help me, I cant figure out how to do the comments system

  2. Markk says:

    On topic as always, Mat

  3. Markk says:

    You didn’t actually state what the problem was, but no worries there. I will figure it out using my psychic powers and solve it. Boo-yah!

  4. jon newton says:

    I agree St Ali’s is one very special cafe. I’ll go again when next in Melbourne. Dad

  5. judy newton says:

    yes St. Arles was besT !! now for the dieting mark, I hate to think how many calories all those coffee outings added up to !!! Hope life is not too quiet for you now. what a come down!

  6. saa says:

    Belated happy birthday to your twin brothers ;-)

  7. Aswen Radvan says:

    So I guess that you are now fat after eating sooo much… you had better go for a run… or a walk??

  8. Markk says:

    Or closer to fat. I have gained a bit lately …

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