Cats On A Plane

Do cats belong on planes? What do you do if you hear a “Mroaw” coming from someone’s on-board luggage? That has been the question on everyone’s minds lately, including that of Eric D. Snider, who relates his encounter with a cat on a plane as part of an epic journey across the United States, in one of his always-interesting “Snide Remarks” columns.

Also today, Pete Aldinovovic, for whom one blog just isn’t enough, has handballed a project to me. On a friend’s inactive blog, I repeatedly posted nonsense comments in order to get him to post again. After 58 comments and assistance from Sarz, this actually worked. Pete found that inspiring enough to try it with ghost blog I’m Going To Eat Everything At McDonald’s.

Can we resurrect I’m Going To Eat Everything At McDonald’s? Can I’m Going To Eat Everything At McDonald’s be rescued from oblivion? Is I’m Going To Eat Everything At McDonald’s worth saving? Does anyone even care? Dear reader, only you can answer these questions.

ANOTHER VEXING QUESTION: I went for a long walk today and got sunburnt. Who can I sue?

NEWS TO US: Farts are funny.

VIRGIN BIRTHS ARE EVIDENTLY MORE COMMON THAN WE THOUGHT: Last week, it was a Komodo dragon. This week, it’s a chimp.


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9 Responses to Cats On A Plane

  1. Rhea says:

    I would love to see updates to I am Going to Eat Everything at McDonald’s. Looks interesting. But how hard would it be to eat everything at McDonald’s?

  2. Pete Aldin says:

    Stimulating as always.

    By the way, expect to be tagged over the weekend.

  3. Pete Aldin says:

    And I just read about 20 of those 58 comments at the other Mark’s blog. Very amusing. I don’t think he noticed them though … which is wierd.

    So get cracking on the Maccas one! I’ll expect you to work quokkas and penguins into it somewhere

  4. SaRz says:

    woo for advertising my blog hehe. one day i might even make it into your ‘links.’ lol.
    i need a new blog im thinking. cos not everyone can comment on myspace. stay tuned.

    maccas blog – haha yeah ill join in that…because, sadly, i seem to care. lol.
    mmm i want to find something to review. sadly i dont drink coffee…
    maccas sounds possible, however gross…and greasy. and the fact he suddenly stopped blogging is…kinda…scary…

    i feel like flooding the blogging dog’s blog. *hint hint*

    sunburn – sue the enviromentalists for not solving the ozone problem quicker. and sunscreen companies…though i assume u werent wearing any…but they dont know that. and your clothing company for not protecting your skin enough. and tree planter people for not providing you with enough shade. and excercise promoters for encouraging us to take walks.

    with that you might even get yourself on tv ;) heehee

    wow. this comments practically a blog in a blog. amaze-to-the-ment.

  5. bloggingdog says:

    This dog is feeling middle-aged lately. What’s the point in blogging? What’s the point in doing anything? I feel so numb. If only I could be a frisky puppy again …


  6. Markk says:

    The thing is, I can’t even view or read comments on the McDonald’s blog on this stupid crippled computer, although I can see how many there are (29 at time of writing).

    So yeah. Looks like I will have to pass the baton on to the rest of you.

    Who can I sue? Sarz has the right idea I think. But let’s see … I got sunburned because the sky wasn’t overcast or raining, which happens more often due to the drought. The drought has been linked to global warming. The Australian government was in denial about global warming for ages and still isn’t doing much about it, therefore I can sue the Australian government! Brilliant!

    I wrote a rant about myspace and put it on my myspace blog, of all places. I’m thinking of posting it here, but it’s rather bitter and twisted.

  7. SaRz says:

    oh now u tell me u have a myspace page…good one.
    give me ur link muchacho

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