Save the Mexican wave!

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Prepare to vent your outrage people, for the MCG has decided to ban the Mexican wave at all future cricket matches!

Anyone caught putting their arms up in the air is a counter-mexicanwavist and will promptly be ejected from the stadium. And then shot, or sent to Siberia.

But all is not lost. Jonk from Jonk’s Bargains is a freedom lover in such dark times. He has started a campaign to save this piece of our sporting heritage, at The site includes a petition you can sign.

From the site:

Cricket Australia has set themselves up as the ‘fun police’ – they have taken the atmosphere at the cricket and are trying to strangle it to death. They want the plastic fan who will drink the official drink while eating official pie while wearing the official t-shirt.

Stand up for your rights, cricket fans! Save the Mexican wave from short-sighted bureaucrats!


ON TOPIC UPDATE: Matthew Newton, who is my brother, got kicked out of the MCG for trying to start a wave, getting himself on the 6pm news – again!. He is on Sunrise at 7am this morning or shortly after. He has been on 3AW, 3LO, 2UE, 2GB, Nova and probably everywhere else. And in the Herald Sun, The Age and MX. What a media shill.

MORE BANNING ACTION: According to today’s Herald Sun, they are banning jumping off piers! What’s next? My money’s on line dancing.

UPDATE: Matthew is in The Age today in all his bare-chested glory. Key quote:

As the match started, wave activist Matthew Newton jumped onto his seat, ripped off his t-shirt and yelled “The MCG is owned by the people”.

The Australian also has an article, with a big pic of Matthew’s ugly mug.


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38 Responses to Save the Mexican wave!

  1. Pete Aldin says:

    Dare I say it? Ok, I will: “Put your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care”

    Orange snow? Ice-cream!

  2. PETE – “Put your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care”
    Isnt that something they do at the Mardi Gras?

  3. Pete Aldin says:

    I wouldn’t know. sounds like you do though.

    Isn’t it a Backstreet Boys lyric… then again, that would still fit the Mardi Gras….

  4. Register your vote against the irrational banning of the Mexican Wave at . Also see: (this site maybe overloaded).

  5. Markk says:

    How long before Cricket Australia does something useful about the crowd behaviour? Like tackling alcohol abuse, which is whats causing ALL the problems?

  6. peter says:

    as much as we love the game of cricket maybe its time to let the money hungry board know that enough is enough maybe we should all stay away from a game or to might just get their attention

  7. Hmmm I guess my questions are,
    1. Why was he standing on a seat with his back to the game?
    2. Don’t you go to the cricket to watch the game?
    3. Or do you go to stand on your seat and act like a complete wanker?

    Markk, is Matthew Newton “your brother” really interested is saving the mexican wave or is he just behaving like a loser to get his website (jonks bargains) a free plug?
    I ask this question because after looking at his mexican wave site it reads like his doing all this for a free plug. I quote from his site “ has been featured in these media outlets (in order of time)
    Does anyone care what media his been on?

    One last thing, I’ve been reading Matthews blog and I’m amazed that he is conducting himself in such a disgraceful manner and promoting something where pissed people through cups of urine and rubbish onto a playing field during a game.

  8. Probably got booted cause when he had his shirt off he had a boner, or someone heard him singing ” Its Raining men”

  9. Markk says:

    Good questions. Perhaps he will come here and defend himself, but my impression is that he is sincere about wanting to save the mexican wave, although he did plug his other site quite prominently – unwisely in my opinion, but there you are.

    Noone’s trying to defend throwing cups of urine etc in the air, but those who are just throwing their hands in the air haven’t done anything wrong and shouldn’t be punished for it.

    We have also had incidents of punch-ons, pushing people down stairs etc, all of which has nothing to do with mexican waves and everything do to with drunken idiots.

    Which brings me to my other point – the REAL problem here is not mexican waves but alcohol abuse. They can ban whatever they like – mexican waves, hula hoops, line dancing, or anything else – but that is just dealing with the symptoms. They cannot hope to restore order at the cricket until they start to clamp down on the alcohol.

    How to do that? One solution would be to not allow anyone to bring any type of drink into the stadium. That sounds draconian, but I can’t see any way around it. Heaps of people bring “bottles of water” into the stadium that are actually vodka, or “coke” that isn’t coke. The only way to stop alcohol smuggling is to ban all types of drinks from outside the ground.

    There is no point in going to the cricket at the moment unless you are an MCC member or a drunken idiot. That has to change. Cricket Australia needs to stop turning a blind eye to alcohol abuse.

  10. Jonk says:


    “I’m amazed that he is conducting himself”

    I also find myself quite amazing. It’s a special feeling that I’m able to reach out and find something in common with the detritus of society, so much so that they come out with ridiculous Word Press names and leave comments on random blogs.

    You’re leaving a comment on a blog. I was leaving a comment on Channel 10. I think that says a lot.

    Thanks for showing some interest. Continue to support the great cause, comrade. Your life belongs to the cause of the Motherland.

  11. Man get off your own nuts jonk, and Markk why dont we just ban alcohol, video games, porn, cigarettes, and live in a world like the neverevending story. Where we can all ride big dogs to work…..
    Dude get off your own nuts.

  12. Markk says:

    I’ve put a modified version of the above comment as a new post.

  13. Markk says:

    Guido: you got any better ideas about how to restore order at the cricket?

  14. Why would you even want to change cricket,,, just let it be its what makes it fun… Dont you think…. People throwing beer, makes the atmosphere of the cricket…. But its easy to see that you guys have never played team sports before….

  15. By the way by team sports i mean like football, soccer, Cricket, basketball… Just like to clarify that.

  16. Markk says:

    Haha! Oh well, maybe set off one of the stands for the drunken yobbos, and leave the rest of the stadium for families and the like, or something.

    They could have “alcohol” and “no alcohol” areas like they used to do for smoking.

  17. I know in Greece they do that at soccer. But if you look at it its the ones that are in the drunk section that are having fun and the others well look like the poeple froma video game.

  18. Markk says:

    Come to think of it, the alcohol/ no alcohol sections idea is quite a good one.

    But are the drunk people actually watching the soccer?

  19. Yeah they are they are the die hard fans supporting theire teams…… Its not alcohol that makes people fight…. ITs the retards they try and start the fights

  20. But I heard that Chippen dales are looking for another dancer after someone seeing your brother without a shirt on…. Hold on did i say Chippen Dales i meant to say Dick and Dales

  21. Markk says:

    I think seeing my brother without a shirt is more likely to make people vomit than to make people hire him

  22. Markk says:

    Anyone starting a fight oughta be kicked out pronto and banned from future matches

  23. By the way just referring to JONKS post, what is this are you just trying to get publicity for yourself, because really if this was somethiing that u believed in why are you checking this blog to see what people say and also trying to gain free publicity for your site… Really i dont think this is somethign that u believe in, by the way kinda neat how you know exactly in order the media you have gained…… Way to go Jenifer Kyete

  24. Markk says:

    He knows the media he has gained cos he was interviewed separately by every single one of them! Media has been swarming all over this.

  25. do you think that he has the experience to handle this??? because he already took his shirt off and made a goon of himself

  26. Jonk says:

    Hi there

    The reason I’m checking this is because Mark’s at my house and asking me to comment on his blog. :)

    Guido, regarding the shirt yeh I know it was a bit silly but if you knew the whole chain of events from the inside, taking the shirt off is what got me into the MX. And then Channel 9 walked past after a press conference and saw me with my shirt off and asked what was going on – they never would have stopped otherwise.

    Then the story goes from there.

    I do have some experience putting other people into the media and I know that all they want is a good picture. The guy that provides the picture is they guy that gets into the news.

    You could hardly say that my campaign has gone badly, could you? You can disagree, you can agree, but you can’t argue that it has gotten the attention it deserves.

    Regarding linking to Jonks Bargains, doing this whole thing has cost me money and I’m well within my rights to make at least a little bit of it back. If you had a website, don’t you think you would do the same?

    Just remember, any man can have an opinion. It takes something else to stand up and do something about it.

    Thanks for the interest you have shown.

    Ok, I’m off to bed – working 5am tomorrow. Have a good night lads.

  27. SaRz says:

    haha get over him being topless already!

    “But if you look at it its the ones that are in the drunk section that are having fun and the others well look like the poeple froma video game.”

    – that probably is how it looks…through the eyes of a person that’s had one too many. to everyone else they (the drunks) all just look like a bunch of idiots.

    you ought to be careful with what you say about someone you havent even met, guido.

  28. You know whats cool how people always stereotype people who drink alcohol…. I spose everyone who drinks is an alcoholic….. I guess some people just went to Camp Cucamonga while the other people had fun…..

  29. Aswen Radvan says:

    And whats wrong with having a little sip of the bottle now & again? it gives a better perspective on reality.

  30. Markk says:

    Nothing wrong with that, but some people get happy-drunk and others go psycho-drunk.

  31. Markk says:

    Gotta stay away from some people when they’ve been drinking

  32. Aswen Radvan says:

    Stop stereotyping people. So your saying people who go to the cricket are drunken psycos? you ought to be careful about what you say to people you’ve never met!

  33. Markk says:

    SOME people. Not ALL. It’s probably a small minority, as usual.

  34. SaRz says:

    *storm subsides…the sun comes out…the bird begin to sing again*

  35. Markk says:

    Oh yeah. It’s all quiet now.

  36. Anthony says:

    haha your bro got kicked out of the mcg thats funny and do u guyz recken the mcg should of been banned?

  37. Markk says:

    Should the MCG be banned? Erm, no. Was that the question you were asking?

    Matthew the media go-to man ended up making news all over Australia, but also in New Zealand, Britain, Switzerland and other countries. See what can happen if you take off your shirt?

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