Another hard day at work

3.50am – Alarm goes off. Peel self off bed.
3.55am – Shower, etc.
4.20am – Get in car and drive off.
4.30am – Marvel at getting three consecutive red lights at this time of the morning.
4.45am – Park downstairs.
4.50am – Waltz into the office, greet everyone, all of whom are half dead from being there since 11pm. Gotta love shiftwork.
4.55am – Confirm that nothing is happening. This takes all of 6 seconds.
5.00am – Read email.
5.01am – Delete email.
5.05am – Go on Internet. Check blog. Any comments? Nope. Check stats.
5.10am – Wander into break room and get coffee. I am rather fond of coffee.
5.15am – Coffee in hand, open Google feed reader, noone’s posted anything. Come ON, people!
5.20am – Check The Age website. Australians winning at cricket, apparently.
5.30am – What to do now? Hmm ..
5.40am – Go chat to a coworker for a bit.
5.50am – Check blog again. Noone is reading blog.
6.00am – Check feed reader. Nothing.
6.05am – Scratch self.
6.10am – Bit quiet, so check blog again. Evidently few people read blogs at 6am in the morning. Not my blog, anyway. Who would have thought?
6.20am – Stretch legs.
6.30am – Notice that the senior has refilled the fridge without my assistance. Why? I could have helped, you know.
6.40am – Tell off coworker for playing cards instead of working.
6.50am – WORK TO DO! Milk has arrived. Bring it in.
6.55am – Night shift people leave, day shift people replace them.
7.00am – WORK TO DO! Make phone call.
7.10am – Coworker farts. Twice. Is this acceptable workplace conduct? (Answer: Yes.)
7.20am – Noone reading blog. Maybe I should have breakfast.

11.10am – Would you believe it, noone reads blogs at this time of the morning either.
11.20am – WORK TO DO! Check the fax machine. No faxes.
11.30am – Ponder my options. Will I have another cup of coffee? Why, yes. Yes I will.
11.40am – Shift finishes soon. Start to think of what I will do after work.
11.50am – WORK TO DO! 10 minutes before the end of my shift, receive 2 hours of data entry work.
12.00pm – Replacement arrives. Gratefully accepts the 2 hours of work I have been unable to complete during my shift.
12.10pm – Sayonara everyone. Say my goodbyes, then to the lifts and out the door I go.


About Markk

Markk is an iOS developer.
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13 Responses to Another hard day at work

  1. SaRz says:

    wow paid to read your own blog…

  2. Markk says:

    Hahahahaha! Yes, it’s true. (During the quiet shifts, anyway)

  3. jason says:

    I wonder how God Himself works out His own daily schedule in heaven? Apparently, it is a rather profound thing to ponder…

  4. jon newton says:

    What a job where they pay you to do almost nothing!

    Hope you get a promotion and some real work soon!

    I had a lovely swim at Cronulla South beach today- eat your heart out!


  5. Pete Aldin says:

    I read your blog Markk.

  6. Pete Aldin says:

    And coworker farts are an OHS issue.

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  8. jon newton says:

    my name is jonny… and I am funky..

    we are going to campos in newtown.. apparently the best coffee in sydney… the crema website had about 20 comments about its coffee.

  9. Markk says:

    Mat, is that you? Make sure you tell us all what this Campos place is like.

    If coworker farts were bomb threats, we’d never get any work done. (As usual. Ha!)

    As for God’s daily schedule, being outside of time and all, He plans them all simultaneously! Dude, that’s like, deep.

  10. Markk says:

    No actually that must be Sarah. What is it with my family?

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  12. themolk says:

    Sounds like you do what I do – not much. Trust me, Markk, I read you blog at weird hours, and if I was at work at 5am, I’d be reading it then… you’ll have to put up with anytime after 7am and before midnight from me…

  13. Markk says:

    The Molk sees all! (For 17 hours a day, anyway.)

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