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Markk runs iPhone application company Lyra Languages. He lives in the beachside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with his beautiful wife and (future) children.

Romance and Stalin

Not so long ago, I had a succession of dates with a girl, and on one of these dates, the topic of Stalin came up, as generally happens on these occasions. I was flabbergasted to find out that she had … Continue reading

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My homage to Salad Fingers

** This blog has moved to ** Have you seen Salad Fingers? I have – quite some time ago – but I ain’t blogged about it before have I? (No.) Salad Fingers is a series of flash animations by … Continue reading

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Cats are of the DEVIL!

** This blog has moved to **  I had suspected as much. Finally I have the proof. Cats are of the devil and must be stoned wherever they are found. Not convinced? Consider the following, from the site Are … Continue reading

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Is coffee a date?

** This blog has moved to **  My sister Sarah has an ongoing thing at her church, where they ask visiting speakers “Is coffee a date?” (You too can have that much fun if you move to Wodonga.) In … Continue reading

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Speech at my brothers’ 21st

** This blog has moved to ** (The following is my best recollection of the speech I made at the 21st of my twin brothers Ben and Peter a week ago. Their 21st was very cool, I have to … Continue reading

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Australians all let us rejoice: Enormous feral cats coming to a town near you

** This blog has moved to ** Yesterday I blogged about evil blog promotion ideas, and I mentioned breeding enormous cats. Well, dear reader, there is no reason to breed them; they’re breeding themselves and there is no way … Continue reading

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My dad’s underpants

I had taken my roommate’s wet washing out of the washing machine and put it in the laundry basket. Shortly afterwards: “You know those underpants of yours that you left in the laundry basket? They stunk out my washing!” “Those … Continue reading

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And the best coffee shop in Melbourne is … St Ali’s in South Melbourne!

Recently I had my sister and parents down for a visit. Since they don’t live in Melbourne, I had the pleasure of guiding them to the best cafes in town. Wednesday: Took Sarah to Gattica in Balaclava for coffee. Sarah … Continue reading

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Laughter and romantic false starts

This post is about a girl. We shall call her Beulah. If you’re reading this, Beulah, I wish you well. Beulah was interested in me. Of that I am quite certain. On one occasion, a friend said “You know, Beulah really … Continue reading

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Stalin the humble

(Another extract here from Koba The Dread, a polemic about Stalin by Martin Amis. Marvel at the cynicism on display: ) In 1948, Stalin made the following addition to his official biography, the Short Course: “At the various stages of … Continue reading

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