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Markk runs iPhone application company Lyra Languages. He lives in the beachside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with his beautiful wife and (future) children.

*** STOP PRESS *** My Opinions Are Important moves to its own domain!

That’s right people – this blog is moving to its own domain and its own space. Check it out! The new address is The feed address is now Please update your links/bookmarks/feed readers accordingly. All the posts and … Continue reading

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Great gifts for geeks

TheMolk found some excellent off-the-wall gift ideas at ThinkGeek, including a tiny remote-controlled helicopter and a tiny, yet fully functional Japanese battle tank. A great gift idea, and oh-so-handy next time World War III erupts in your home or workplace.

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Wedding gifts for the strange: spider bowl

From Laura Zindel Ceramics, as featured on bioephemera: You are probably asking yourself why. Zindel’s explanation: I hope that I can make art that a family member can buy to be handed down the line. Something bought on a whim, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Science Experiments On Cats

** This blog has moved to ** Tell me you’re not at least a little disturbed by the following: #1: Cat-O-Vision A team of scientists hacked into a cat’s brain and created a video of what the cat was … Continue reading

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Deep & Meaningful Festival explodes onto the blogosphere

** This blog has moved to **  Thank Robert Hruzek for this. His group writing project asked participants to write an article on a life lesson they learned from an unusual source. All told, there were 16 entries. Here … Continue reading

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1984 arrives in Britain in 2007

According to Spiked Online, those CCTVs that have become so ubiqitous in the UK have now been rigged up with loudspeakers, allowing remote faceless government agents to tell you not to loiter, or litter, or whetever. But who will be … Continue reading

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Got a spare $78 million?

Deep Sea News needs your help to purchase a submarine. Why? To help them blog about the deep sea, of course. (Duh.) But Deep Sea News won’t settle for just any old submarine. No, sir. They have their eye on … Continue reading

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What I learned from Teen Girl Squad

** This blog has moved to ** (The following is my contribution to the writing project at Middle Zone Musings, which is a blog you should read always. The project is simple: write a blog post with the topic … Continue reading

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Parrot with human brain found

This cannot be real – a parrot that communicates in English. According to the BBC, N’kisi the parrot has a vocabulary of 950 words, uses grammar correctly and has a sense of humour. From the article: When he first met … Continue reading

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Daylight Saving exacerbates global warming

It took 200 posts here at My Opinions Are Important, but finally, the truth comes out: If anything, Connie M. Meskimen understates the case. The sun may well burn out entirely due to our constant overuse of it.

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